Wills & Probate

We assist families put their affairs in order.  Your will can be very easy to prepare (most folks’ wills are) but many people still do not consider every possibility.  Our experience enables us to guide you through the issues that confront will-makers:  how to make the proper choices following divorce, the death of a partner, re-marriage, a child with a disability, children from another marriage, children born many years apart, children you have nothing to do with

 . . . our guidance can alert you to problems you hadn’t thought of and provide simple, fair and endurable solutions.  Sometimes, too, a will-maker has assets that require careful attention to detail.  Whatever the problem, we can help.


Every year, we give practical prompt attention to people who have the heavy responsibility of applying for probate of a will and then administering the assets of the estate.  We deal with family disputes arising from wills.  And while these can be long and protracted matters, we know that they can be stressful and try to bring them to a conclusion as quickly as we can.


Our wills and probate services include:

  • advice in relation to and preparation of wills and testamentary trusts
  • acting for applicants for a grant of probate of a will or letters of administration (where there is no will)
  • acting in family disputes arising out of wills – validity, capacity, duress and inadequate (family) provision